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I have had chronic neck issues for 30 years, I had a good Chiro man but he moved to another state, I visited another local office and he was rough and it hurt more than before I went in. Needless to say I never went back and it is "my spine" that suffered.

This past month I did something to my neck, not sure what, but it was painful. I woke the next morning and couldn't move my neck, shoulder or right arm. The pain was beyond description, it literally took my breathe away, I could not lie, bend or sit without pain that radiated through my chest and I must say, it terrified me. The slightest movement of my head worsened the pain and I had all to do to sit upright or breathe. I wasn't able to reach my PCP for a visit or referral.

My son suggested I call Doc Romano, he had been seeing him for a few years. I was apprehensive after my experience with the last Chiro man, but the pain was too much for me to bear any longer. I called Doc Romano and without hesitation he told me to come right in, I explained about my PCP and the referral, he said he will not allow me to suffer any longer, come right in.

When I arrived, he took me right in and began examining me. He immediately made me feel at ease, had a comforting personality and I trusted him to help me. He explained what was wrong, what he needed to do and what he was doing each step of the way. He began heat and deep muscle therapy, after that he gave me my first adjustment.

He was unlike other Chiropractors I had seen in the past, he was gentle, knowledgeable and very effective. Within an hour the excruciating pain was gone, it was still very painful, but I could BREATHE again. After three consecutive visits, I was able to
sleep through the night, by the fourth I was able to drive again. With each visit it improved more and more.

As I sit here writing this testimonial, I am pain free and continuing with Doc Romano for maintenance. He is also teaching me strengthening exercises to help prevent further issues with my neck. The combination of neglect on my part and injury brought this on. I will not take my spine for granted again, and I will never trust my spinal health to anyone else.

I believe in Doc Romano so much, I offered to do his web site and I only do work for people I respect and feel I can trust.

Rose Marie ( Tricia ) Contala
Avenel, NJ

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